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Great stress to build a home theater sound wiring

Date:2012-11-20  Hits:4895

 The speaker line is the most important theater wiring. 5.1-channel home theater speakers in general use more, some families arranged 7.1 channel theater speaker wire laid quite complex. If during room decoration embedded line, wire selection wrong placement unscientific, will affect the sound effects.
It has been mentioned, the main speaker and not repeat them. Amplifier and drive of most households are located in the bottom of the TV, and configure the floor or bookshelf speakers as the main speakers, center speaker line can be placed in the installation of audio when. If the power amplifier and the drive position TV separation. Then they would have needed, the arrangement of the center line, and for this layout, audio and video cable needed buried cable between the disc player with TV, amplifier and TV should prior embedded. Acoustimass bass no direction, placed next to the power amplifier can directly open wire connection, if the distance, you need to cloth according to the situation under the dark line.

Next, surround speakers and two surround speakers, 5.1-channel theater, 7.1 channel theater surround speakers up to four. Regardless of which type of theater, speakers for playing movies, the main purpose is to reproduce surround sound effects of the movie, gives rise to the immersive feel, the surround speaker wiring is particularly important. Determined according to the specific circumstances of the sofa wall around the box location, the following two ways:

The first is a wall-mounted, hang around the box in the the sofa wall of both sides, the need to pay attention to the main speaker height should be sitting ear height, install wall surround speakers than the human ear high about 60-90 cm, the impact of the effect is too high, too low, easy to meet, so the opening height to match it in the wiring. Many people decoration sound, especially the rear surround sound, all hanging in the corner of the wall surface, this installation practice is wrong;

The second is a floor stand, placed directly on the sides of the sofa, the wiring opening depends on the case may be, in short, as far as possible to avoid the emergence of open wire. Surround speakers in order to get the best effect, the best and the main speakers form a rectangle, of course, the specific circumstances of a specific treatment, slightly into a trapezoid.

As the speaker cables for connection to the amplifier and speaker, so the flow of current in the speaker line signal is much larger than the video and audio lines, because the signal amplitude speaker line requirements are relatively high, such lines often no shield The key is to reduce its resistance, the selection of a large sectional area or more strands. Better quality audio cable, gold-plated, silver-plated, oxygen-free copper and other materials. The more popular is the oxygen-free copper-only lanes, its good conductivity, low resistivity, non-metallic line of imports higher carbon content, but the price is too expensive. The general popular type of audio equipment without the need for deliberate pursuit of the wire of high quality larger copper signal line can be as long as the use of general-section.

Compared to the speaker wire, audio cable wiring is also relatively simple. The audio cable is used to connect audio equipment and amplifier, basic wiring is unnecessary to consider, because the audio equipment with amplifier usually together, post-configuration can be. Aspects of wire, audio cable, coaxial and fiber optic cable, audio cable is often two, divided into left and right channels, using Lotus head; coaxial cable used to transmit multi-channel signal, signal a large amount of joint and a little thicker line than ordinary audio cable; fiber-optic lines used to transmit multi-channel signal and coaxial transmission carrier, while the last two lines are generally used to connect DVD, HD machine and the power amplifier.

Video cable AV cable, S-Video cable, component cable, VGA cable, DVI cable, HDMI cable several general. Taking into account the use and future upgrades, as well as picture effect, it is recommended to choose the DVI cable, HDMI cable, both of which are digital transmission, HDMI cable has a variety of audio and video equipment has a very high penetration rate, and can simultaneous transmission of lossless HD audio and video signals. Component Cable is the best video analog signal line, if the TV does not have DVI and HDMI interface, can be considered. If you take into account the connected and the computer can also embedded a VGA cable.

When the video cable is laid, usually at least three kinds of lines, including HDMI cable, component cable and a DVI cable. Although the popular digital transmission, analog line looks like will be eliminated, but the component cable is the best analog line effect, and support for high-definition standard, not be left behind in the short term. VGA cable is a bit a "tasteless", the current mainstream graphics cards are equipped with a DVI interface, if people feel at ease, and can add VGA.

Both of which video cable, video cable from the appropriate location of the ground or wall opening, Component and DVI video cable is very thick, exposed will affect the appearance. For ordinary families, the utilization rate of the projector is not connected to large-size flat-panel TVs, so you can not consider the issue of the video line.