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Home stereo AV wire Knowledge and buy common sense

Date:2012-11-20  Hits:4011

 Today, more and more families with home audio whether listening to music or watching movies, consumers are hoping to have a perfect sound performance. Excellent sound quality is not determined solely by the performance of the audio equipment, AV wire also can not be ignored important aspects.

AV cable, audio cable (Audio Cable) home audio and video cable (Vidio Cable) referred to. Can effectively exclude external electromagnetic interference, and original Khan flavor signal transmission, say it is a high quality line.

Classification and the main function of the home audio: Home audio are normally pure two types of audio and home theater sound. The pure audio also called HI-FI stereo, speakers and drive by the pure power amplifier (only two-channel output), generally used to listen to music and songs. Home theater sound, also known as the AV-component systems, two-channel playback of music and songs, can also play a multichannel disc. "Fans" in general to play pure sound, but also to listen to classical music in the West.

2. Relations: drive can read code "and" decoding "of the fiber-optic lines, coaxial decoder and amplifier, but in order to reduce costs, the decoding function is generally more junior. To enhance the "decoding" series, the sound becomes more pretty, need to be equipped with a separate decoder and decoding function amplifier between the washer and the decoder, the need for fiber-optic line between the washer and decoding amplifier and coaxial to connect amplifier "decoding" washer "read" of the digital audio signal is transmitted to a separate decoder or with the decoding function into the audio signal. This transport is used often in high-end audio.

3 audio cable, video cable, coaxial cable can not be mixed: appearance, video cable, audio cable and coaxial are constituted by the line body and two terminals, and are relying on the transmission signal of the inside of the metal cores . Therefore, some convenience rather random mix of the three. Doing so can turn-on signal, but the sound and picture quality is certainly damaged.

Compare two functions should have the same AV cable conditions:

(1) both the price and grade must be close;
(2) must use the same set of sound, the same piece of music, the same volume, the same listening environment;
Must the sound and yindie ③ used in upscale, too low-grade itself is issued by the murmur, so difficult to compare

To the need for sound reasonable optional AV line

Played a vital role in the entire stereo AV cable borne sound transmission signal task. Good audio line with poor sound line between not only the material of choice, are not the same principle of the internal structure, so either that there are some differences in signal transmission performance or the performance of resistance to external electromagnetic interference.

Optional low-end of the high-end stereo matching high-end audio line, mid-range audio line of mid-range sound matching, low-grade stereo audio line, this is the most reasonable investment principles to protect the audio play best results. Some people buy a high-end audio, but in order to save money, while matching the low-end of the audio line to the cheapest gas station 90 # gasoline no difference with the Mercedes car, saving money on the surface, actual ineffective play not Mercedes-Benz the best performance of the car.

Usually in the high-end audio configuration, the audio cable's share of the investment ratio of 15% to 30% is more reasonable. Is generally sound, can not choose too low-grade AV cable, because this will not only attenuate the signal, and the transmission signal is susceptible to external electromagnetic interference, and eventually result in sound distortion.

Use and maintenance of AV cable Note

AV wire in use in the following aspects if we can try to pay attention, not only can improve the performance of the voice, but also to extend the service life of the wire:

1. Different functions of the line can not be arbitrarily mix, for example, can not be used to replace coaxial audio cable;

2.AV line in use so as not to bend, preferably away from power;

The 3.AV line should be short enough premise, the excess will only increase the length of the signal loss;

4 speaker wire size should be selected based on the size of the acoustic power. Too small, the signal transmitted by the stagnation speakers unable to pay good sound; too big, the signal loss increases, the amplifier increased burden on the speakers equally unable to pay a good voice;

5.AV line with the external connection must be tightened. Poor contact (such as prostration, etc.) that would cause audio noise also lead to serious components burned out;

6.AV lines after a certain period, the metal terminal and the metal wire cores are likely to occur oxidation (i.e., "aging"), will affect the sound effects, should be replaced according to the actual situation.