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The power cord may be hidden security risks

Date:2012-11-20  Hits:4020

 Consumers to buy appliances, the first concern is the quality of products, but some consumers to focus more on the inspection of the main body of the product quality, but often overlooked home appliances "tail" - the power cord. Before the fourth quarter of 2009, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced product quality sampling results show that the appliance power cord may be hidden safety hazards.

The fourth quarter of 2009, the focus of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision the microcomputer, refrigerator, switch (socket), 42 products quality supervision and inspection, 635 batches of a total sample products, with a pass rate of 82.1%. Which home appliances, a pass rate of 78.5%, a total of 38 batches failed, failed power cord is more common in the failed project, mainly for the power cord cross-sectional area does not meet the standard requirements.

Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said, the power cord diameter is too small, easy to break cause leakage, resulting in excessive heat and a fire accident. Some enterprises cut corners to reduce costs, the use of poor quality electrical components, is one of the main reasons for failure.

Wire and cable in China Quality Supervision and Inspection Center deputy director Wu Changshun also said that, in recent years, national and local authorities across the wire and cable product quality supervision and inspection results show that the level of quality of wire and cable products in China is not optimistic. The failed project structure size issues account for a major part, in addition to the problem of the color of the logo mark and insulated cores, electrical performance, insulation and sheathing mechanical properties. The conductor cross-section cut corners with inferior insulating and sheathing materials, rubber wire insulation and sheathing materials with significantly lower amount of glue is the main reason causing the problem.

Wu Changshun, not production companies can not make qualified products, but the industry capacity surplus led to the disorderly and vicious competition, forcing companies to cut corners, cheap substandard materials to mitigate the cost pressure to maintain profit margins. While raw materials and if the quality is a prerequisite for wire and cable production qualified companies to build the raw materials into the plant inspection procedures in line with its own characteristics, strengthen its detection capabilities, product quality level will be a good upgrade.

Early warning and monitoring of quality and safety risks for the problems that exist in the appliance power cord, Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, organized in conjunction with the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) Guangzhou Branch appliance product quality traceability tracking check, and held accountable for substandard appliances production enterprises and The quality of the upstream suppliers (producers of the power cord) violation of law.

How do I view the quality of the power cord

First, you should view the the appliance quality certification. Appliances quality standards, the quality of the power cord should also be trained inspection will not have much of a problem. Many appliances belonging 3C certified products, the purchase of such products should check whether the 3C certification logo and the manufacturer name and address.

Second, it is necessary to observe the appearance of the power cord. Qualified insulation (sheath) layer of soft, ductile and scalability, the surface layer close, smooth, no harshness, and pure gloss. Insulation (jacket) and the surface should be clear and resistant rub flag. Informal insulation material products, insulation layer transparent, brittle hair, toughness, plastic wrapped wire can easily be stripped, then there exists the possibility of plastic strong enough.

Third, look at the cross-section of the power cord. Qualified products of copper or aluminum surface should have a metallic luster, surface blackening copper aluminum or whitish surface Description has been oxidized, mostly inferior materials.

Fourth, it is necessary to view the length of the power cord. Different electrical requirements of different length power cord, consumers in the purchase is a good idea to find out how much the qualified power cord length is, in order to be aware of such buy appliances.